The Fastest Way to Improve Personas: Start Tracking “What We’ve Learned”

Personas are researched based representations of:

  • Who your buyers are
  • What they are trying to accomplish
  • What goals drive their behaviour
  • How they think
  • How they buy
  • Where they buy
  • Why they make buying decisions


If you are part of a marketing team, chances are you use personas a lot. They serve as a touchstone for your campaigns and strategy.


There’s a really important section that most personas miss, and it can make a huge difference:

  • What we’ve learned works for this persona?
  • What we’ve learned doesn’t work for this persona?
  • How and why we arrived at these conclusions?

By answering these questions right there, your marketing team will:

  • Learn from shared insights
  • Prevent repeating costly lessons
  • Be better aligned

This is particularly important if you are regularly testing things like ad messaging and landing page copy, or if you’re working with agencies, as everyone will have an updated list of useful first-hand info to benefit from.

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